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The course is certified by SIEMENS and consists of the following modules:

Target Audience
All Graduates, Electrical Engineers and Technicians working with or requiring technical knowledge on electrical installations, equipments and technology.

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Duration 4 months

Module Specifications

Module 1: General & Soft Skills
Mod 1.1: Welcome, Getting Started, Energy Academy rules and regulations
Mod 1.2: Communication and Presentation skills
Mod 1.3: Introduction to Project Management
Mod 1.4: Fundamentals of Lean Company and Process Management
Mod 1.5: Documentation with MS Office
Mod 1.6: Introduction to Business Administration

Module 2: Health Safety and Environment–Electrical 
Mod 2.1: Introduction to safety Measures- General Principles

Module 3: Computer Technology and Software 
Mod 3.1: PC Technology

Module 4: Fundamental Power & Electrical Installation Engineering
Mod 4.1: Installation and Assembly Technology -Electrical Installation Fundamentals (Networks, technology and equipment used for Distribution networks-various Voltage levels, Overload and Short circuit Protection, Impulse Relaying, Control and signaling, graphical representation and symbols of Electrical Circuits etc.
Mod 4.2: Power Distribution Networks
Mod 4.3: Load Flow and Short circuit calculation
Mod 4.4: Network Dimensioning and Design

Module 5: Distribution Equipment, Transformers, Switchgears, Switching Components
Mod 5.1: Transformer technology - design and engineering, commissioning operation and maintenance -protection of Transformer- transformer life Cycle Management
Mod 5.2: Medium Voltage switchgears technology - Switchgears and switching devices - Switching technology- Selection and engineering - Operation and maintenance
Mod 5.3: Low Voltage switchgear /switchboards technology - Switchgear and switching devices Switching technology- Selection and engineering - Operation and maintenance

Module 6: Distribution Automation and Control
Mod 6.1: Protection technology - principles & technology Selection & engineering - Operation & maintenance
Mod 6.2: Power Distribution Automation
Mod 6.3: SCADA
Mod 6.4: Telecommunication solutions for Distribution networks

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