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The course is certified by RENAC/LEA and consists of the following modules:

Target Audience
Engineers and/or technicians working at plants, distribution companies and industry facilities. Planning and operation of power systems responsible personnel.

Fundamental knowledge of solar systems.

Duration 5 days

Module Specifications

Module 1: Health Safety and Environment-Electrical
Mod 1.1: Introduction to safety Measures- General Principles

Module 2: Photovoltaic Systems 
Mod 2.1: Conduct current and voltage measurements and performance characteristics
Mod 2.2: Explain fundamental relationships in solar cells
Mod 2.3: Distinguish and explain different characteristics of poly-and mono-crystalline and amorphous solar cells
Mod 2.4: Assess sites in relation to their suitability for solar installations
Mod 2.5: Perform the dimensioning of PV systems by using simulation software
Mod 2.6: Calculate the economic viability of a site by using measured radiation data
Mod 2.7: How to Install, integrate and commission solar systems

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