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The course is certified by SIEMENS and consists of the following:

Training Objectives
The course supplies a further understanding of a transformer. Presentations, training exercises and experiments carefully illustrate the characteristic properties of transformers, examples on power transformers (LPT, MPT).

Target Audience
Employees who would like to be informed about further knowledge of functionality and operation of a transformer.


  • Fundamental knowledge of electrical engineering.
  • Fundamentals of AC and DC circuits.
  • Extended knowledge of measurement for electrical variables.

Duration 3 days

Main features

  1. General transformer overview
    • Transformers and reactors in transmission and distribution networks – final exercises
    • Transformer technology:
      • Advanced electrical design, measuring winding resistance and no load response
      • Autotransformers
      • Vector groups
      • Advanced electrical design, response under load condition
      • Short circuit characteristics
      • Efficiency and transformer loss
      • Measuring on different vector groups
  2. Transformer components
    • Voltage regulation with tap changers – final questions
    • Cooling equipment, troubleshooting using circuit diagrams
    • Working with control and protection devices
  3. Transformer in service
    • Safety policies – final questions
    • Installing
    • Overview of electrical measurements during commissioning
      • Oil Analysis
      • Oil Filling
    • Commissioning
      • Insulation tests
      • Dielectric tests
    • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      • Inspection Tasks
      • Advanced condition assessment and fault scenarios
      • Overload and emergency operation

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