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The course is certified by SIEMENS and consists of the following:

Training Objectives
The participants will acquire extensive insight of Disturbance evaluation and Power Quality monitoring with SICAM PQS and SICAM PQ Analyzer. They will learn handling and operating of the related tools and devices on the basis of typical application examples. After the course the participants will be able to configure such systems including disturbance recorders and power quality devices and how to get that information you need for your daily operation.

Target Audience
Service / maintenance, operation, commissioning, engineering.

Fundamentals of electrical engineering, Fundamentals of Power Quality, PC know-how.

Duration 3 days

Main features

  • Introduction Power Quality (PQ) Monitoring and Disturbance Recording
  • Current field solution for Disturbance, Power Quality Monitoring and Substation Automation
  • Introduction Substation automation system SICAM PAS in order to operate SICAM PQS
  • Introduction of disturbance recorder SIMEAS R-PQ / -PMU
  • Introduction of Power quality recorder SICAM Q80
  • Overview SICAM PQS (Power Quality System): device hardware and architecture, software licenses, scope of functions, communication, commissioning and complete parameterization, time synchronization
  • User Interface Configuration: Configuration, Mapping.
  • Topology, Templates, Reports, Grid Codes
  • User Interface Operation: Overview of system components and their operating state
  • Overview PQ Analyzer
  • Applications of PQ Analyzer
  • Practical exercises

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