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The course is certified by SIEMENS and consists of the following:

Training Objectives
The participants will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the design, developments, applications and potentials of smart grids.

Target Audience
Employees of power generation companies and power supply utilities and Siemens employees who want to get an overview of innovative developments in the energy industry.

Fundamental knowledge of electrical engineering.

Duration 2 days

Main features
Framework Conditions

  • Political, economic, technical
  • European energy policy
  • Potentials and increase of distributed and renewable generation
  • Impact of distributed generation on the power system

What are smart grids?

  • Intelligence in transmission and distribution systems
  • Smart generation
  • Smart consumption

Selected smart grid solutions in transmission and distribution systems

  • Monitoring and remote control of equipment
  • Condition monitoring
  • Automation solutions to increase supply reliability
  • Asset management
  • Blackout prevention
  • Use of power electronics
  • Control of power flows using SIPLINK, FACTS
  • Transmission capacity increase
  • New supply structures, e.g. micro grids

Smart generation

  • Virtual power plants (VPP), decentralized energy management
  • Electric vehicles
  • Battery storage systems

Smart consumption

  • Smart metering
  • Load management
  • Building automation / building management systems

Information and communication technology (ICT)

  • Experiences from pilot applications and projects

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