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The course is certified by SIEMENS and consists of the following:

Training Objectives
The participants will obtain extensive knowledge of power systems and the correlations between the individual power transmission and distribution components. They will learn to understand the engineering, application and tasks of the components of a power system, like transform,e brusbar, line and cable as well as associated power system tasks as protective relaying. We will provide in-depth information on the configuration and application of components of an electrical power supply system and the tasks and fundamental principles of power system protection.

Target Audience
Employees of power plants, power supply utilities/industrial sector and individuals interested in technical fields who want to obtain a fundamental understanding of processes in electrical supply systems or refresh their technical knowledge.

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.

Duration 6 days

Main features (Part 1)

  • Components of a typical generation, transmission and distribution system
  • Power generation methods, comparison and efficiencies
  • World energy demands and their growth, distribution among different primary energy sources
  • Power system planning and design considerations
  • Fundamental concepts in power systems
  • DC Transients, time constants, single and three phase AC-systems, power definitions and harmonics
  • Short circuit calculations using symmetrical components

Main features (Part 2)

  • Cables and lines for power transmission and distribution
  • Transformers and their characteristic data, connection symbols, grounding principles, voltage control and tap changers, generator, motor - fundamental principles
  • Circuit breaker types, vacuum-switching technique and SF6 switching systems, switching operations, arc extinction principles, air and gas-insulated switchgear
  • Reactive power management; shunt and series compensation
  • FACTS and high voltage direct current transmission systems (HVDC)
  • Voltage and current measurement for protection, control and metering
  • Principles and types of power system protection, design of protection systems, protection principles for transmission and distribution systems
  • Calculation examples consolidate the gained knowledge and help understand the correlations

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