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Lagos Energy Academy Graduating Class 2015

Lagos Energy Academy (LEA) are happy to present to you the CV book of our first graduating class of 2015 of our Electrical Engineering Technician Program.

About the Electrical Engineering Technician Program

The Electrical Engineering Technician Program is a carefully designed program with Siemens aimed at developing well-trained energy/power development operatives for employment in the Nigerian energy/power development market.
The candidates commenced an intensive 5-month program on the 16th of October 2014. This included training in the following topics:

  1. Electrical Safety and General Safety measures
  2. Soft skills covering Communication and Presentation skills, Basic principles of Project Management and Coordination, Process Management using lean company methods, Documentation with Microsoft Office, Introduction to Business administration in the Power and Energy Industry
  3. PC Technology where students were trained on how to Install, repair and troubleshoot the hardware and software of a computer system.
  4. Basics of Electrical Installation of Low Voltage to Medium Voltage equipment, designing various motor start techniques, designing a network system with the understanding of load flow and short circuit calculations.
  5. Understanding Distribution Networks, students can work with all major distribution equipment
  6. Transformers: Engineering Design, Commissioning Operations, Maintenance and Protection.
  7. Switchgear: Troubleshooting, Selection, Engineering Operations and understanding Switching components such as Circuit Breakers, Relays, Fuses, Isolators and other components.
  8. Metering solution for the power industries, students are well trained on how to install, parameterize and troubleshoot both the mechanical and solid-state meter and understanding the technology of smart metering solution.
  9. Use of power analyzers to determine power quality of a system
  10. Distribution Automation and Control
  11. Protection Technology: Principle and Technology, Selection and Engineering, Operation and Maintenance. Parameterization of protection device using DIGSI4 and SIGRA for the analysis of protection systems.
  12. Basic of power distribution Automation using SIMARIS
  13. Basic of SCADA configurations
  14. Basic of Telecommunication solutions for Distribution Networks, designing and constructing DTE and DCE modem testers and establishing data communication between remote interfaces.

The students gain the Siemens Electrical Engineering Technician Qualification.


 LEA CV Book 2015.pdf